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 Massage Maps

Reflexology charts for Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple Watch

Based on the theory of reflexology

Reflexology provides us an effective alternative method of the massage. This method uses pressure techniques on specific areas of the body. These areas reflect real organs. The massage of such reflex zones has a positive impact on your body and health. In some cases it can heal various medical conditions.

iOS application for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch


  • Maps of the reflexology zones on different body parts.
  • Convenient navigation over maps.
  • Various views of the body part.
  • Lists of the organs and symptoms for each map.
  • Search in the lists and transition to the reflexive zone on the map.
Massage Maps on iPhone

Select the reflexology charts for different body parts

Hand massage reflexology chart

Use the convenient navigation over maps

Search on iPhone

Find the necessary organ or symptom

Foot massage for iPhone

Look through the various views of the selected area

Massage Maps in action

Nice video demonstrating the beauty and convenience of the Massage Maps on iPad